A game by Beau Brueggemann.

Coming in 2019 to Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Maze 1

You are a wrongly imprisoned square, who must smash your way home.

Enemies 1

Smasher has rules, but you will have to find them. Many of them involve smashing. This is unfortunate, but you must get home.

Maze 2

You should know that Smasher can be quite difficult at times. Escaping can involve fast-paced action situations. Perhaps a description of the controls will help to determine if you like this sort of challenge.

Mysterious Situation


The left stick moves you around.
(You can also use the D-Pad or WASD on the rebindable keyboard.)

The right stick is the smash stick. Be careful.
(Also ABXY buttons or IJKL on the keyboard.)

Smashed Wall


With these sole powers, you must manipulate your environment, and escape the labyrinth of levels. If you succeed, the external reward is a simple home screen, as befits a square. Of course, the real reward is always the journey, which has perhaps made you more than a square.

Maze 3


Or you can make your own Smasher games, full of your own Smasher levels. The built-in editor has full controller support.

Game Title Screen


Smasher features a custom-built engine for its own crafted feel. It includes a soundtrack appropriate for smashing, performed by its own homemade synthesizer.

Enemies 2

Maze 4

Thank you for smashing.